* Attention*

Elandorf 2016 Dates are set!!!

Elandorf 2016 will be held on June 10, 11, & 12.
(more info will be available soon)

Happy Elandorf!!!
Hope to see all the family there.

Here are Elandorf FamilyValues that we need you to HONOR:

1.  Support Local Live Music ~ We are providing all the entertainment you need at the stage.  This means supporting the bands onstage with your attention as often as possible.  Music at your campsite should not disturb other campers.  Speakers and electronic music other than the stage is prohibited. Security will be enforcing this all weekend!

2.  Show Your Elandorf Spirit ~ Only impact the world around you in a positive way.  Meet as many people as you can, it makes next year more fun. 

3.   Park your Car ALL Weekend ~ We are providing day parking in the center field and a shuttle bus for supplies.  Park your car for the weekend and walk.  

4. Leave Only Footprints  ~ Help us with Garbage.  Bring a bag and place it in the designated cans close to the road for pickup each day. 


Enjoy your visit, and remember, please leave only your footprints behind!


Thank you for your patience as we post new information to the site.  As in life, we are always under construction.



Go to 'Ticket Information' on this site to find out where to purchase your 2016 Elandorf ticket!

Elandorf Address is 1927 Country Road 905 East Low Point, IL 61545

Firewood for the bonfire is always Needed!!!!


Please Contact jason@elandorf.com with any information


You can drop it off or we can pick it up!